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Sexstrology® Lover’s Experience, What’s Ahead


Lover’s Experience, What’s Ahead: This daily report is the ultimate time line for your relationship, your stalemated relationship, a relationship that’s on hold, or your broken relationship.  It is a day-by-day transit report for your relationship. Giving you a heads up about what could happen; helping you avert troubling times, giving you hope about tomorrow, or letting you know when you should walk away.  Know ahead of time. Now you can avoid minor break ups if you know you are more apt to argue or fight on certain emotionally charged days. You might even get more insight and a better knowledge or know ahead of time, if there is third party involvement or if you and your significant other will be reuniting and getting back together. Depending on your natal birth charts and your mutual aspects, this report could tell you.

  • Your affectionate times
  • The relationship's good days
  • The relationship's bad days
  • The days for personal relationship growth
  • The days he or she is more open to you or your advances
  • The most affectionate days and the relationship's worst days

This is report is a daily report for your relationship for 12 weeks. Only $60.00

Please include your Date of Birth, Time of Birth (If Known), and Place of Birth and that of your 2nd person

With every order you'll receive a complimentary Free Natal Birth Chart  with personal notes from Terry Nazon

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