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2019 Year Ahead Horoscope Guide

In the world of astrology, there’s only one name that stands out, Terry Nazon the internationally renowned and recognized Astrologer.   Her daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes published on her website and via her app, Terry Nazon Horoscopes,  are celebrated worldwide for their accuracy and comprehensive nature.   Ms. Nazon’s horoscopes reach millions each month.  Now, she has painstakingly prepared a wonderful new set of predictions for her readers in her latest set of books the 2019 Horoscope Guides.  A series of 12 Horoscopes Guides, one for every Sun sign. 

It’s all the relevant astrological information you’ll need for 2019 to follow along with on the website.  Stay up-to-date on all the upcoming major eclipses, moon phases, and planetary movements and you’ll be able to achieve greater insight and understand into your own life when you additionally follow along with the daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes on the website and by getting your Free Natal Birth Chart.  Learn what’s  coming up in your love life, career, home life, and with your finances and money.

Order your 2019 Horoscope Guide for your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign and your Moon sign.  Also available in paperback on Amazon

As 2019 gets underway th planet of sudden changes and upheavals Uranus will re-enter the sign of Taurus and stay there for 7 years. You got a brief indication in 2018 how Uranus in Taurus will influence your life and a brief look at how Saturn in earthy Capricorn will influence your life, but as Saturn flirts with a conjunction with Pluto in 2019 the serious threat of upheaval, having to restructure and rebuild and even the threat of more natural disasters is a menacing. The planet of luck, abundance, the planet of education and travel Earth's protector, Jupiter is strong in his own sign Sagittarius and offers a great many of you lucky breaks and the chances of going from rags to riches or making it big.  This is present for all.

Download the .pdf version here or Get a Kindle or Paperback copy from Amazon

2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books
2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books
2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books   2019 Horoscopes Books
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