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Sexstrology® Relationship Report

Sexstrology®  My exclusive line of Marriage, Soulmate and Relationship Compatibility Reports

Sexstrology® is a registered Trademark and no unauthorized use is permitted

Find out what's in the future for your love life and for your relationship.  I have predicted thousands of marriages with my “When will you get Married Report” so let me predict what's in your love life future too! Our most popular reports are the Compatibility Reports which give you a heads up on what you can expect from any relationship.  While some of these reports are computer-generated, I have annotated them and edited them personally, and brought my own interpretations to the reports, making them very unique.

Definition of Sexstrology®: the art and science of astrology as it pertains to relating, relationships, interactions between the 12 zodiac signs, or the individual natal Birth charts.  The interactions according to the science of astrology based on the ancient archetypal historical astrology models between the Sun signs, the natal birth planets, and their interactions with each other.  Sexstrology® is the science of love, romance, and the individual sexes, according to sun signs, zodiac signs, and natal birth charts.

Sexstrology® is a registered Trademark and no unauthorized use is permitted

Sexstrology® Relationship Report 3rd or 4th Party Dynamics

Sexstrology® Relationship Report 3rd or 4th Party Dynamics is a report that compares the strength of individual charts to see who will prevail,...

Sexstrology® When Will you get Married

Sexstrology® When will you get Married? When will you find true love or your Soul mate : The most asked question I get is "When Will I get...

The Love Language Relating Report

Love Language Relating Report What is your, his or her Love language?  This Love Language Relating Report is all about relationships. It can be...

The Ultimate Sexstrology® Report

The Ultimate Sexstrology® Report  This naughty report is an insightful delineation of one's lovemaking style and sexual needs. ...

The Ultimate Synastry Relationship and Marriage Report

The Ultimate Relationship Report  This computer-generated report combines the best in astrological synastry and composite charts in one complete...

Sexstrology® It's All About Him or All about Her

Sexstrology® It's All About Him or All about Her Astrology Report: All About Him or All about Her, this report tells you almost everything...

Sexstrology┬« LoverÔÇÖs Experience, WhatÔÇÖs Ahead

Sexstrology® Lover’s Experience, What’s Ahead:  This daily report is the ultimate time line for your relationship, your...

Sexstrology® StarTypes Compatibility Report

Sexstrology® StarTypes Compatibility Report is another look at your relationship.  This compatibility interprets in an easy to read format...

Sexstrology® Report Lover's Astrological Compatibility Report

Sexstrology® Lover's Astrological Compatibility Report: This compatibility analyzes your relationship or any potential relationship you want...

Sexstrology® Lover Compatibility Report written by Terry Nazon

Sexstrology®  Lover's Astrological Compatibility Report is a comprehensive report written by Terry Nazon World Famous Astrologer based...
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