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Mercury: Your Individual Planet Interpretation Report


Mercury Your Individual Planet Interpretation Report: This astrology report focuses on the planet Mercury in your natal birth chart.  Its position in your birth chart reveals lots about your intellect, your communication style and how you get your point across to others.   Understand how the planet Saturn works within your natal birth chart this report is an easy read format for the beginning, intermediate student or enthusiast of astrology.  Every astrologer has to have a very good understanding of how the planets operate and function in the natal birth chart, and this report does just that!  This report is for the beginner or intermediate student or enthusiast of astrology who wants to know more about themselves or another person.

Like all my reports this report can be ordered for yourself or to help you understand someone else, a love interest, a friend, a coworker, or a family member.

Delivered via email 20-30 pages long (depending on the birth details given Date of birth, time if known, and place of birth)

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