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2020 Libra Year Ahead Horoscope Guide Book

  • Model: 2020007


Libra 2020 Horoscope Guide with Monthly Horoscopes. Use your 2020 Horoscope Guide to follow along with my unique brand of Astrology forecasting throughout the year.  

Real Astrology from a Real Astrologer! Get a unique understanding of what's ahead in what could be a very special year.  This is the Pre-Order sale once the 2020 Horoscope Guides are Published in December you will receive your 2020 Horoscope as a .PDF download automatically.   Terry’s unique brand of astrology that you can use in real life, with investors tips, and in-depth Analysis on 2020’s rare and unique planetary transits and how they might influence your life. 

You can also purchase your 2020 horoscope Guide for your Rising Sign or Moon sign and download it for your Kindle or purchase a paperback copy!  Order here Thank you all who bought my 2019 Horoscope Guides they were a great success!  On to another year! 

Excerpt from my 2020 Horoscope Guide : The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is a well-known astrological cycle associated with major social reforms and sweeping social changes.  By year-end, the planets Jupiter and Saturn transiting into the sign of Aquarius may mark the emergence of a new world leader or ground breaker.  A maverick who comes onto the world’s stage and brings the world together in some way.  Maybe it will be a new technology that unites us. Will that person be you?  

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