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2020 Pisces Year Ahead Horoscope Guide Pre-Sale

  • Model: 2020012


Pisces  2020 Horoscope Guide with monthly horoscopes. 

Get a unique understanding of what's ahead in what could be a very special year.  This is the Pre-Order sale once the 2020 Horoscope Guides are Published in December you will receive your 2020 Horoscope as a .PDF download automatically.   Terry’s unique brand of astrology that you can use in real life, with investors tips, and in-depth Analysis on 2020’s rare and uniqueplanetary transits and how they might influence your life. 

The Pre-Sale price for my 2020 Horoscope Guides is $20 after the Release Date the .pdf version will be $25 and the paperback will be $35 on Amazon!  Thank you all who bought my 2019 Horoscope Guides they were a great success!  On to another year! Order here 

Excerpt from my 2020 Horoscope Guide : The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is a well-known astrological cycle associated with major social reforms and sweeping social changes.  By year-end, the planets Jupiter and Saturn transiting into the sign of Aquarius may mark the emergence of a new world leader or ground breaker.  A maverick who comes onto the world’s stage and brings the world together in some way.  Maybe it will be a new technology that unites us. Will that person be you?  

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