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2021 Aries Year Ahead Horoscope Guide Book

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Aries 2021 Horoscope Guide

2021 Horoscope Guide with Monthly Horoscopes. Use your 2021 Horoscope Guide to follow along with my unique brand of Astrology forecasting throughout the year.  This is a download .PDF copy of  the 2021 Horoscope Guide with Monthly Horoscopes.  Paperback copies and Kindle versions will be available on Amazon, when published.  

Real Astrology from a Real Astrologer! Get a unique understanding of what's ahead in what could be a very special year.

Terry’s unique brand of astrology that you can use in real life, with investors tips, and in-depth Analysis on 2021’s rare and unique planetary transits and how they might influence your life. 

Exerpt: A rare aspect called the great conjunction between the planets Jupiter and Saturn that occurs after the USA Elections,  on the Winter Solstice Dec. 21st, carries karmic planetary influence going into 2021.  As I wrote in my 2020 Horoscopes Guides, this conjunction was viewed by ancient astrologers as a change of kings. They said, "The old king dies and is replaced by the young king, but before the young king is installed, there's chaos across the land".  Well, as of this writing, we have two potential old Kings and only one young Queen! 

But there's something else at play.  The Curse of Tippecanoe (also known as Tecumseh's Curse or the 20 Year Presidential Curse is the pattern of deaths in office of presidents of the United States elected in years that are evenly divisible by 20.  That aside,  we probably won't know who the United States president is until well into 2021 due to ballot counts, accusations of voting fraud, mail-in ballot uproar, and numerous legal battles over the most powerful office in the world.  It's unlikely that the current president will leave willingly.  As Jupiter and Saturn enter the sign of rebellion, Aquarius, there will undoubtedly be unrest across the world.  

How will you fare during this unrest, and what does that mean for the pandemic.  The sign of Aquarius also predicts great scientific strides and an unwillingness to adhere to anything that isn't well tested and well thought out. Is that about a Covid-19 vaccine that may at first not be well thought out or adequately tested?  What blunders get us to all this scientific activity?  The planet Uranus will aspect both Jupiter and Saturn.  Jupiter is legalities, but it's also scientific testing.  What bout Mother Earth and global warming? 

Confusion and pandemonium reign as January 2021 gets underway.  2021 will be a year of unexpected turbulence, surprises, rioting, and ultimately uniting for common goals.  It pays to know in advance what will be happening and how to weather the changes ahead!  Stay in the know.  Order my 2021 Horoscope Guide!

It is so beneficial to know how the transiting planets influence your birth chart.  I have come up with this 2021 workbook to help you understand this grand dance of the zodiac that your planets are having, with the 2021 planets in the sky.  You might do this anyway.  If you know about astrology and are familiar with it,  you might look up your transits and see what houses they are in and how that influences your life or future.  I hope to make that a little easier for you as we go month by month, and you use my brand of astrology to get a more meaningful idea of what's ahead for you.

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