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Advanced Year Ahead Transit Report Deluxe

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Advanced Year Ahead Transit Report Deluxe cobines Year Ahead Transits Report with Progressions. 

What does the coming year have in store for you? What major transits will affect your coming days and months ahead? With the transits are getting a bit interesting you’ll need to navigate through these exciting times… you need this report. This report is a must have for each year.

Both Transits and Progressions are necessary to predict your future and they change frequently.  It's a great report to have for the New Year and your Birthday! We’re offering both at a special combined price.
Find out what's ahead for you in the coming year. This report details all your astrological transits and progressions for the next 12 months, and interprets them too, in a simple understandable way. Find out what the cosmos has in store for you, or purchase it for someone close to you. It makes a great gift.  Major important transits and changes, as well as a month to month, transit to transit detailed in one report! With over 45 pages depending on your Natal Birth Chart and the aspects, it reads like a calendar. You will want to know how the transits will be affecting your life! This makes a great and fun gift too.


What's Ahead Yearly Progression Astrology Report: There are many ways to predict what's coming up in your life.  Planetary Transits, Progressions, Eclipses all do that.  What you don't see in the transits comes into better focus with other astrological techniques, such as the Progressions, and Solar Arcs.  After you have had your transit report this is the 2nd order of prediction.  Major events can be seen and predicted through your progressions, but Planets have to have an exact hit for these events to occur. This report includes the progressions of the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. We also include the Eclipses and Solar Arcs. It covers the period of one year from the time you order.

  •  if you will move, and when, aspects to the 4th house, the Nadir or Moon, or Pluto by transit or from the Progressed to Moon or to the Progressed Moon could indicate a move or your financial condition for good or bad depending on the aspects to your natal  planets
  •  if you will travel and when Aspects to the 9th house, a Progressed aspect to your natal Jupiter or from Progressed Jupiter could indicate lots of travel, education, or legal endeavors and their outcome for good or bad depending on your natal planets
  •  If you’ll get a job or have a good year on your job, full of promotions is indicated by progressed aspects to your  natal Mars, Mercury or Saturn ruler of career.
  •  If you will find fame, fortune and success, the Sun rising in the progressed chart is a typical indication of rising to fame and fortune in life.
  •  A change jobs or find a job and when is indicated by progressed aspects to your  natal Mars, Mercury or Saturn.
  •  Marriage and when is indicated by a variety of transit aspects, and progressed  aspects, even the Solar Arcs and it takes me at least a week to predict Marriage in my “When will you get Married Report” Progressed Venus, Progressed Jupiter and the Progressed Sun to your natal planets and in a good aspect foretell Marriage
  •  If you'll find love, romance or just date and when
  •  If you will get Divorced or suffer a breakup can be indicated by the transits or when Progressed Pluto aspects the Natal Sun or transits the 7th house
  •  If you will conceive, the birth of a child is typically a happy event and an auspicious occasion and is indicated by a transit to the 5th house of the Sun ruler of happiness and children.
  •  Accidents and Danger are indicated by the transits the progressed planets Saturn and Uranus even Neptune can indicate times of trouble and when caution should be used!

It’s not easy making predictions so after you get your Year Ahead Report plus Progressed Report let’s go over it together. I’ll help you understand your Progressed Report through a personal consultation or e-reading. This is a basic Astrology report and gives an overall view of the upcoming year ahead transits. It doesn't replace your personal consultation with Terry Nazon 

Please include your Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth! The length of the report varies yon ou’re your personal progressions which vary each and every year.
With every order you'll receive a complimentary Free Natal Birth chart printed out on premium decorative paper with personal notes from Terry Nazon

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