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3 in 1 Astrology Report Special offer

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Take advantage of our Special offer 3 of our most Popular Reports for the Price of One! A combined value of over $110.00 for only $89.00.

Lover's Compatibility Report: This report gives you a heads up on you and your significant other or potential partner and how you will relate to each other. What are the planetary aspects that bind the two of you together?  What are the challenges the relationship faces and is there true love and a soul connection or are you just friends?  These questions and more can be answered in our wildly popular compatibility report.  Know before you get involved, what lies ahead.  This report is approximately 40 pages of love knowledge, depending on the aspects of the Natal Birth Charts

Job and Career Opportunities: What are you meant t do for a living? In this day and age when everyone has to be flexible and change, even change jobs or careers, you need to know what you are best at.  Reevaluating your direction and career goals? We are always stumped when it comes to looking for that new job, career and direction.  This report gives amazing insight into what your gifts are and where you would find happiness in employment, not to mention money!  This report is Approximately 22 long, depending on your Natal Birth Chart and personal aspects pages of job inspiration and direction. 

Your Lucky Times Report: Now you can know when your lucky times are, hour by hour, for winning, or just your most favorable time periods for beginning new projects, gambling, lottery or just doing things. This report is invaluable for everyone.  All your favorable periods of time and lucky times are included in this report.  It doesn't matter if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, playing poker, buying a lottery ticket, going on a vacation or meeting someone new, you need this report.  This report covers a period of 60 days and the number of pages is determined by your Natal Birth Chart and aspects.  You'll also receive your Astrology Report by Email or mail, shipping charges apply if mailed to you.  With every order you'll receive your Natal Birth Chart printed on premium decorative paper with personal notes from Terry Nazon

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