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Optimal Starts Report your Ultimate Timing Report

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Optimal Starts Report: Timing in everything, how something starts is usually how it ends.  Simple things you can do like avoiding Mercury retrograde help to ensure a positive beginning a relationship, a trip, a new job or a move.  Planning things to begin in the New Moon cycle as close to the culminating Full Moon as possible is my personal favorite.  That's why I decide to offer this new service to ensure that my clients get the best astrology timing available and to ensure that everything gets off to a great start!  Give yourself the edge with favorable timing and get things off to a great start. This report is based on your specific natal birth chart, the transits and progressions to your natal birth chart. Timing really is everything and there’s nothing better than favorable timing, under the most auspicious stars.


img5   1st Date: you put a lot into people that you meet especially in dating and it can be exhausting and draining.  Don’t give up.  Why not make sure you get off to a good start.  Ensuring that you will find happiness and be in control deserves more careful consideration.
img5   New Job: give yourself the advantage over so-workers start a new job, project or promotion on the day that favors you for advancement and favor.
img5   Travel: these days one should do all they can to ensure safe travel, happy vacations and equally happy returns home.
img5   Signing Contracts: entering into any agreement should be done carefully.  Astrology gives you that extra edge by timing the entering into an agreement to ensure your financial rewards and avoid future complications.
img5   Buying a Home or property:   the biggest investments you make deserve a good start.  Ensure that everything runs smoothly with your closing and the financial transaction
img5   Moving into a property: ensure happiness and prosperity by choosing the optimal time to move into a new apartment, home or property
img5   Surgery: Now days we typically have the flexibility of choosing the right month, day and time for most surgeries.  Your health is the most valuable thing you have; make sure you undergo surgeries and procedures that are successful and ensure a speedy recovery.

This report doesn't include timing marriages

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