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Sexstrology® Lovers Compatibility Report

The Relationship Between

Jane Doe


John Doe

The Astrological Charts

Jane Doe

Oct 12, 1987

10:00:00 AM EDT +04:00

New York, NY

074W00'23", 40N31'26*


Planet Sign Position House   House Cusps






01  22°Sc30'






02  22°Sg52'






03  28°Cp17'






04  04°Pi45'






05  06°Ar24'



25°Ar29' R



06  01°Ta45'






07  22°Ta30'






08  22°Ge52'






09  28°Ca17'






10  04°Vi45'






11  06°Li24'






12 01°Sc45'




John Doe

Jan 23, 1986

11:00:00 AM GMT +00:00

London, UK

000W10'00", 51N18'45*


Planet Sign Position House   House Cusps






01  22°Sc30'






02  22°Sg52'






03  28°Cp17'






04  04°Pi45'






05  06°Ar24'






06  01°Ta45'






07  22°Ta30'






08  22°Ge52'






09  28°Ca17'






10  04°Vi45'






11  06°Li24'






12  01°Sc45'



Astrological Compatibility

Astrologically, each individual is represented by a chart of the planets and houses at the moment of his birth. By comparing and contrasting the interrelationships of two separate charts, the astrologer can reveal the many ways and many levels that two people relate with each other. This is the astrological art of synastry as it has been practiced for several thousand years.

This report analyzes each of the two selected charts and interprets the astrological connections between them. The charts' data, along with planetary positions and house cusps, are printed on the previous page. There are four possible sections to this report, two for each of the charts. Any one of them, or all four of them, will be included here depending on which were requested. For each individual the two possible sections are: 
1) How this person approaches relationships. This section considers only the one chart, and is appropriate for all relationships this individual makes. 
2) How this person relates specifically with the second person. Here each paragraph interprets a contact between the two charts from one chart's point of view. The text here pertains to this one relationship only, and should be understood in light of the actual nature of the relationship.

Remember that every relationship contains points of similarity and harmony as well as points of conflict and discord. Through understanding, it is possible to cultivate and encourage the positive and harmonious, and keep relationships growing and fruitful through the highs and lows of the passing years.

Report for Jane Doe
How You Approach Relationships

You, who are so power oriented and commanding in tone, have a greater need than most for love relationships. Who would guess that you like your lovers anything but aggressive? You need your lovers to be accepting, even at the risk of being on the dull side. Your relationships tend to be long-term, conservative, and quite stable. Your partners often have money, property, and tend to be quite possessive of your attention. Your emotions run deep and you can be fiercely jealous. You bury yourself in your relationships. Only your lover knows how vulnerable you really are.

Taurus  on 7th Cusp

With you, good looks count a lot. You like partners who are charming, refined, and appreciate the better things in life. You may depend on them for appreciation and love, and you probably share the same set of values. They tend to dote on you, and you like it that way.

Venus  Ruler of 7th

Report for Jane Doe
Strengths in your relationships

You were born lucky and have never had trouble finding support and approval from others. You may find that working with people is what you want to do for a career. Whether professionally or not, you will find yourself guiding and directing other people in one way or another. You have a way with other people and could do well in advertising, sales... any occupation that works with the public. If anything, you might have had it a little too easy, been a little too lucky.

Moon Sextile Jupiter       (orb: 01 36')

A real love of science and natural laws. You are a hard and tireless worker with absolute determination and the ability to carry great projects through to completion. Always the protector to all those you come to know, you tend to have long and secure relationships. Since you are a natural conservative, those older than yourself (authority figures) tend to benefit you.

Sun Sextile Saturn       (orb: 01 54')

Very sensitive areas of conversation that might intimidate most (taboo subjects, etc.) don't bother you at all. You always persevere and keep right on investigating. You are expert at getting straight to the heart of things, and would make a super sleuth, or researcher. The deeper a secret is buried, the more likely it is that you will turn it up. And when it comes to money, sex, and other highly charged issues, pity anyone who tries to manipulate you. That's your bailiwick, and there are very few who can stand to argue with you.

Mercury Conjunction Pluto       (orb: 03 11')

You love to lose yourself in your latest dream, whether it be a person or a project. You find it easy to be caught up in images -- dreams, psychology, metaphysics, cinema, etc. You probably love movies -- anything that flicks on the silver screen. You may be an artist and you certainly run with an artistic crowd. You are charming to the point of being enchanting. Very idealistic.

Venus Sextile Neptune       (orb: 03 16')

You love whatever is new or different, and breakthrough flashes of original insight are typical. You could invent something, and you have a natural love for communication and new-age technology. You appreciate independence and originality in others, especially in a partner, and may tend to have unusual friends who are very likely male. You like to keep things spontaneous.

Sun Sextile Uranus       (orb: 04 43')

You are comfortable with your sexual identity, and tend to be emotionally well balanced. There is a natural rhythm in the way you handle the day-to-day problems of work and play, with the result that you are capable of sustained effort. These same qualities affect your relationships too. They tend to be harmonious and long lasting.

Moon Trine Sun       (orb: 05 11')

A passionate one. You love it when a crisis emerges and threatens to shatter the normal routine, because you yearn for a chance to undergo really profound changes. You're like the survivalists who wish the world would stop pretending and get down to the nitty-gritty. Fiercely loyal, you would rather see a relationship through hell and high water than abandon it. You delight in emotional confrontation, intense conversations, and secrets of all kinds.

Venus Conjunction Pluto       (orb: 06 55')

People just naturally love you, perhaps because they sense that you really care for them too. This amounts to more than just a minor talent. You have lots of friends, and many relationships. You're just fun to be around. You may hang out with artistic types, or be one yourself. The feminine, in all of its aspects: fashion, beauty, style, etc., is your cup of tea. You love people and working with the public.

Moon Trine Venus       (orb: 08 15')

Report for Jane Doe
Challenges in your relationships

You have always felt vulnerable when deep emotional issues are brought up, and may have a history of avoiding confrontation and self-examination. You are ever so sensitive to ideas of death, helplessness, and vulnerability in general. You see them only too well, and they haunt you. There may well be some childhood experiences that were rough or harsh for you to accept. Any partner will have to tread very gently when it comes to matters of feelings and security. You may tend to dominate a relationship, but without success.

Moon Sesquiquadrate Pluto       (orb: 00 10')

You find yourself hampered by authority and elders. Too many rules and regulations may inhibit or put a damper on what your heart feels like doing. You may procrastinate and put off attending to the necessities, with the result that duties tend to pile up. You might be somewhat defensive about expressing your real likes and dislikes for fear of being criticized or cut down. You don't always play by the rules.

Venus Semisquare Saturn       (orb: 00 20')

You are unconventional, at the expense of your own popularity. You did not care to follow in the footsteps of a traditional upbringing, and you may have left some very disappointed parents behind as you set out on your own. Independence and originality for you have been almost a private thing. You have sought it out despite the occasional disapproval of the status-quo. You may be restless and move around a lot. Your desire for personal freedom has always gone against the majority.

Moon Opposition Uranus       (orb: 00 28')

You sometimes have trouble distinguishing between your dreams of life and the actual reality. Or you lack the discipline to make those dreams real, to work to make reality be as you always dreamed it could be. This could lead to unreasonable expectations of other people, especially your lover. A tendency to daydream finds you with a number of false starts. You are easily distracted and have difficulty carrying things through to the finish. You may worry about being deceived by others.

Mars Square Neptune       (orb: 02 59')

You don't always say just what you mean. For that matter, you may sometimes not even know how you feel about something. You tend to envy people who can always put their finger on how they feel. It can be hard for you to talk about your feelings. Any partner will have to understand this about you. Are you often moody? Yes, probably.

Moon Sesquiquadrate Mercury       (orb: 03 21')

Everyone can testify to your brilliant mind, but most would also find you somewhat erratic and unpredictable. You don't always have the follow-through you pretend to have. You tend to change your mind in the middle of a project and go rushing off in some new direction. You are to some degree the victim of your own whims. You have trouble finding practical uses for your plentiful insights.

Mercury Semisquare Uranus       (orb: 03 49')

The last of the big spenders! You are by no means conservative, and overindulgence of all kinds is sort of second nature. You tend to ignore the realities of life in favor of the perks. This may bring you hard up against natural or human law, again and again. No one can accuse you of lacking ambition. The straight and narrow is unappealing to you. You would rather range along the fringe. A nonconformist.

Venus Opposition Jupiter       (orb: 06 39')

You have a tendency, or perhaps a knack, for ignoring good advice. More than once you have found yourself at odds with the correct, or prescribed, way of doing things. This could manifest in a problem with authority figures. For example, you may tend to disregard the suggestions of an authority figure, perhaps your father. You have trouble doing just a little, and tend to be extravagant.

Sun Opposition Jupiter       (orb: 06 47')

You don't have much faith in people seeing what is good about you on first meeting. You want to do something for them, somehow show them by action and work what you are really about. You are never a lightweight, for you take feelings very seriously. Sometimes you can't help but be a party-pooper. You won't just let your feelings out without examining them. Contact with others may have the effect of putting them in touch with their more serious side. Some may see you as religious or meditative.

Moon Opposition Saturn       (orb: 07 05')

It may have been hard to get emotional support over the years, and your temper has not always been a help to you. You have had to work a lot of problems out for yourself. While you do have a lot of motivation and energy, often there is some difficulty in getting it channeled in useful directions. Sometimes you feel that others don't like you. You require a partner that can give you lots of emotional support. There could be a basic ambivalence with your mother, or with women in general. You may not feel like working.

Moon Square Mars       (orb: 08 32')

Report for Jane Doe
Your Relationship with John Doe

There is almost a sense of mystery about your relationship with John. You cannot hide things from him, so there are no formalities when you are around him. You feel exposed. The whole thing has a magnetic sexual quality to it which both of you support. You tend to feed on this arrangement, with the result that the experience is strengthening and supportive. Aside from this you may be involved in some kind of financial partnership. He might act as your agent, or as a go-between.

His Moon  in Your Eighth  House

At last, someone you can really talk with. You should have become instant friends from the very start. John is the kind of person that is intellectually stimulating. Together you could spend great amounts of time exploring ideas and concepts, taking walks, and even short trips. Talking until dawn is not impossible with him. The platonic thing was there from the start, and there is a sense of the brotherly and sisterly between you. Even if lovers, you will always be first and foremost, good friends.

His Sun  in Your Third  House

He becomes very articulate when it comes to matters concerning your finances, resources, and possessions in general. You feel that he truly is concerned with what is best and most productive for you. Here is someone you can really talk to about subjects that most might find dull and unexciting. You find his suggestions to the point and almost always productive. You might like to take him on as a business partner just for his financial insight.

His Mercury  in Your Second  House

Here is a real admirer of your mind and mental qualities. Above all he loves to share ideas with you, whether by phone, letter, or in person. There is endless chatter when you two get together. This relationship could find you waxing very eloquent and becoming downright creative. You might feel that your ideas and thoughts are worth writing down after being with him. He probably laughs at all your jokes and even dotes on the poetry you write.

His Venus  in Your Third  House

John is nothing else if not stimulating, and he may be downright challenging or irritating at times. It all depends on what mood you're in. If you need a boost, a little competition, then he is tailor-made for the job. If things are already hectic, then you may not enjoy the ride. There is the potential here for a good sexual relationship too.

His Mars  in Your First  House

Conversations with John are more than just stimulating. You find them instructive, producing solutions to questions that you may have wondered about for years. He seems to have a knack for guiding you in just the right direction. You admire his mind and good judgment. He may encourage you to speak, write, and in some way communicate to a fuller extent.

His Jupiter  in Your Third  House

A more serious relationship than others. There could be almost a parental tone, for he can't help but function as an authority figure of one sort or another. You may feel that he is a party pooper, tends to stifle how you come across, and puts restrictions on you. There is sure to be a strong effect when the two of you get together. At the very least, he will serve to temper and shape your approach to life. A good tie if you need discipline.

His Saturn  in Your First  House

Never dull, you find John's offbeat ways and independent manner exciting. There is always a sense of the unusual or unexpected when you are together. He may lead you off the beaten path, introducing you to new and unconventional people and places. There is a bohemian flavor to this relationship.

His Uranus  in Your First  House

No matter how dreamily romantic this relationship feels, it could have a very real quality if it extends to your finances or resources. John is an idealist of the first water and may not have the practical experience needed to make decisions involving money and property. He has the very best intentions, but you could experience a sense of loss through him. Better to enjoy his company and let the loss be all the petty details of life, rather than some real investments.

His Neptune  in Your Second  House

He may exercise an enormous influence on how you view your role in life. Your whole idea of what you are here for and what it is to be human may be transformed. John has a way of separating the wheat from the chaff and getting right to the heart of things. Through knowing him, you may find yourself going through deep changes in attitude, discovering more compassion, self-sacrifice, and patience. He will put you in touch with the saint in yourself.

His Pluto  in Your Twelfth  House

Report for Jane Doe
Strengths in your relationship with John Doe

John will find you very supportive when it comes to matters of his career or life direction. He can trust your advice, and you tend to act as a guide for him in many ways. This could be a good business relationship too.

 Your Moon Trine  His Jupiter       (orb: 00 36')

This could be an excellent partnership, whether romantic or otherwise. You feel that you can really get behind John and push him on to new heights. Feelings run high, and there is always lots of action.

 Your Mars Trine  His Sun       (orb: 00 43')

This is about as close to a mutual admiration society as any two are likely to get. John is very supportive of your values and ideals. You might even feed on this. You have always felt simple admiration and love for him. You just like the way he feels.

 Your Venus Trine  His Moon       (orb: 01 28')

He loves the way you act and come on. Your basic energy and motivation appeals to him. You may find yourself on stage and performing for him. This makes for lots of fun and great romance.

 Your Mars Trine  His Venus       (orb: 01 38')

You both have an understanding that he is a little different and likes his independence. This is not a problem. He brings some excitement and adventure to your life, and may be restless and on the go. He may introduce you to unusual friends and situations.

 Your Sun Sextile  His Uranus       (orb: 02 00')

You value his dreams and idealistic nature. There is an almost otherworldy sense that develops when the two of you get intimate -- your own magic bubble. He enchants you. Movies, music, and moods are something you can enjoy together.

 Your Venus Sextile  His Neptune       (orb: 02 16')

John may be one of your most valuable assets and have a great influence on your career and life direction. Through his support you may succeed in finding solutions to many a problem. You work well together and would make good partners.

 Your Sun Trine  His Jupiter       (orb: 04 35')

He manages to exert a good influence on your drive to succeed, bringing discipline and order that you may lack. There could be a long-term and hard-working relationship. He manages your talents with skill and understanding.

 Your Mars Sextile  His Saturn       (orb: 04 52')

He finds you willing and able to discuss even the most sensitive, personal, and psychological issues. You naturally understand the changes he's going through, and you have a knack for putting them into words. This could be a fine business relationship because both of you can concentrate on the essentials.

 Your Mercury Conjunction  His Pluto       (orb: 04 58')

John is probably adept at putting some of your ambitions into words. You can see that he understands your feelings and what motivates you. This makes for many highly spirited exchanges.

 Your Mars Trine  His Mercury       (orb: 04 60')

You tend to love his passionate nature. He knows this, and that you appreciate his need for self-analysis and confrontation. Your relationship may be very intense, but always exciting. Things are seldom dull.

 Your Venus Conjunction  His Pluto       (orb: 05 09')

John likes talking and communicating with you. You have a knack for bringing out the best in him, making it easy for him to say what's on his mind. He feels your genuine support and enjoys what he finds himself saying and thinking in your presence. He knows that he can speak his mind when he is with you.

 Your Mercury Trine  His Moon       (orb: 08 38')

There is real mutual support here. You tend to have similar emotions and are very understanding of each other's feelings. If anything there might be too much of a good thing, and you could get bogged down in the relationship. For the most part though, this is a very nice state of affairs.

 Your Moon Conjunction  His Moon       (orb: 09 43')

Report for Jane Doe
Challenges in your relationship with John Doe

You may not like many things about John, and he may feel that you refuse to give him credit or to recognize his values and ideas. He has a way of going on, with or without your approval. There is a kind of stalemate.

 Your Venus Square  His Sun       (orb: 01 01')

Heavy feelings and emotional drama will be a part of this relationship. You may feel that he refuses to support your life ambitions. You may find yourself hurting his feelings again and again. A stormy marriage.

 Your Mars Square  His Moon       (orb: 01 11')

The fact that you find it difficult to put up with his need for confrontation and self-analysis may cause resentment. Your lack of support in this area may lead to explosive times and hurt feelings. You are tired of the tension and don't feel like putting your emotions through one more transformation.

 Your Moon Sesquiquadrate  His Pluto       (orb: 01 37')

This may never do. Neither of you are able or willing to give the other much credit. There is a lack of appreciation, and very little sense of shared values. You may not like the same things.

 Your Venus Square  His Venus       (orb: 01 55')

You may feel that John is a hopeless dreamer, and you may refuse to get behind what you term escapism on his part. Your own ambitions run counter to his own sense of mystery and idealism. He may disappoint or deceive you.

 Your Mars Square  His Neptune       (orb: 01 59')

John's feelings of independence, and his unusual ways, tend to rub you the wrong way at times. You refuse to support his oddball ideas. He may find you restricting and unimaginative. There is definite disagreement here.

 Your Moon Opposition  His Uranus       (orb: 03 11')

You may find his influence limiting and even oppressive at times. He may tend to cling to you, and there is this sense of never being able to really get going. There may be authority problems. He may view you as harsh or restrictive.

 Your Sun Semisquare  His Saturn       (orb: 03 35')

You may not appreciate his sense of independence, always having to do something different and unusual. You don't like surprises. It may go against your own set of values and thus be a cause for dissension.

 Your Venus Semisquare  His Uranus       (orb: 03 35')

You don't like the way he thinks and expresses himself. You just don't appreciate many of the things he says to you. This bugs him, and he may insist on going against your own set of values.

 Your Venus Square  His Mercury       (orb: 04 43')

He may not always think highly of you and is not afraid to let you know when this is the case. You may sometimes tend to discount what he says and squelch communication. You don't always like what he thinks.

 Your Sun Square  His Mercury       (orb: 08 43')

There may be some problems in communication. You may find it difficult to talk with John, or attempts at communication end up in a standstill. His attitude and manner may leave you feeling frustrated, unable to communicate.

 Your Mercury Square  His Sun       (orb: 09 06')

Report for John Doe
How You Approach Relationships

You are so dependable, deliberate, and down-to-earth. You wouldn't think of living without plenty of security and your share of material success. Who could guess that you would be so daring when it comes to relationships? That you could reach out for, and get, what others don't dare dream of having. You like partners who are ever so intense, commanding, and very secretive. Their love of secrecy, power plays, and intrigue keeps you always fascinated and involved. How could such a relationship endure? But the funny thing is that they do.

Scorpio  on 7th Cusp

You like partners who are intense, passionate, and confrontal. You depend on your relationships to keep you honest and down-to-earth. Your friends may find that your lovers tend to put you through a lot of changes. There is no such thing for you as a casual or trivial affair. You like it hot, revealing, and sexy.

Pluto  Ruler of 7th

Relationships are always deeply moving experiences for you. You have powerful feelings and can't seem to hide them from others. You're OK when alone, but as soon as you get with a group you can't seem to ignore what you feel. Everything has the tendency to get right to your gut.  Marriage is almost unavoidable, so important a role will it play for you. And the road to (and through) marriage is more likely to be turbulent than tranquil. You are committed to all relationships with all your heart. You would make an excellent marriage counselor once you learn to manage your own situation.

Mars  in 7th House

You approach relationships with great caution and may even shy away from them. They are not something you are apt to take lightly. If you do enter into one, it is a very solemn business with you, even downright religious. You insist that any bond be a strong one and based on the most serious of reasons. You might just find it easier to join with God and live a religious life than to take a living partner. Not much given to flings, you may prefer to marry late or be involved in a marriage where one partner is much older than the other. Your social life may include priests, ministers, monks, and other very disciplined folks.

Saturn  in 7th House

Report for John Doe
Strengths in your relationships

You tend to like partners that are authority figures, perhaps older, or dignified, in one way. You are warm, appreciative, and tend to lavish affection on those you can look up to and respect in some way.

Sun Conjunction Venus       (orb: 00 54')

You dote on responsibility, and love to bring order and discipline to anything (or anyone) you are involved with. You wouldn't be caught dead in an extravagant display, not because you are a cheapskate, but because of your natural love of thrift and economy. Family and loved ones get first class care and service. Others will value you for these qualities. You probably love to work.

Venus Sextile Saturn       (orb: 03 14')

When it comes to self-expression, you are a natural and can always put what you feel into words. Your mind is quick and tends not to get bogged down in emotional issues. You would do well in any of the communication fields, and are an excellent speaker. People find it easy to get a sense for a subject when you put it into words. You write well.

Mercury Sextile Mars       (orb: 03 16')

You have always had a sense of being special, and of having experiences perhaps others have no memory of. You can handle even the most sensitive areas of your (or another's) mind, and have no problem with controversial and upsetting topics like death, dying, sex, and the like. You can't help being a psychologist of sorts. Sometimes it seems like the universe delights in showing its secrets just for you. You have a sixth sense for values, money, property -- opportunities.

Moon Trine Pluto       (orb: 03 40')

A real love of science and natural laws. You are a hard and tireless worker with absolute determination and the ability to carry great projects through to completion. Always the protector to all those you come to know, you tend to have long and secure relationships. Since you are a natural conservative, those older than yourself (authority figures) tend to benefit you.

Sun Sextile Saturn       (orb: 04 08')

You communicate very well, and it is easy for you to give others a feeling for whatever you're thinking. You tend to believe that there is almost no problem that cannot be handled with words, by talking it out. You could be a fine speaker. Your natural sensitivity for the feelings and thoughts of those around you makes you a valued community member. Needless to say, you want a partner who is at home with feelings and -- above all -- likes to talk.

Sun Conjunction Mercury       (orb: 05 43')

You love to talk and write, and you probably do so beautifully. Your sense of color, harmony, manners, and all that is artistic, is beyond reproach. You know quality, and people love to let you pick out art or arrange color schemes for them.

Mercury Conjunction Venus       (orb: 06 38')

Report for John Doe
Challenges in your relationships

You may choose to pursue a dreamy idealism at the expense of more mundane concerns. Somehow you always manage to pit your ideals against the actual reality of the situation. Is it escapism or vision? Probably some of both. You will need a partner who can bring things into focus without shattering your gentle dream world. There may have been some rather harsh realities connected to your upbringing. You may find yourself putting the feminine principle on a pedestal.

Moon Opposition Neptune       (orb: 00 47')

You may squander your money, tend to expand too rapidly, do too much. Your feelings often run counter to the status quo or accepted norm, with the result that you may tend to be a bit of an outlaw. This could extend to your married life too, which might be somewhat unconventional. A stubborn streak may find you refusing to walk the straight and narrow, doing what is expected.

Mars Square Jupiter       (orb: 00 53')

You could have a fear of the new and different -- of sudden changes. However, once they occur you really get a charge out of them. You would like to break away and live an unusual, exciting existence, but your conventionality holds you back from making the move. The result is that you often feel frustrated and mired in the humdrum. Jealousy in love affairs could present a problem.

Venus Semisquare Uranus       (orb: 01 40')

You may be somewhat of a rebel, with a history of going up against authority. You like to stand alone -- an outrider at the fringe of society -- like the old-time outlaws. You have a knack for separating yourself from the herd. You end up as the loner, although this is not always what you want. You need a partner in this life, a go-between for you and the status quo.

Sun Semisquare Uranus       (orb: 02 34')

Power struggles are no stranger to you. You tend to put off confrontations until they build up and then explode, kind of like having your own built-in volcano. You probably have considerable emotional tension and a strong sexual drive. Your flair for secrecy could find you with more than one lover, several affairs.

Venus Square Pluto       (orb: 03 14')

You may have an inordinate fear of dying or confrontation, for there is a part of you that resists change and tends to put off getting down to the real heart of a problem and clearing it up. This attempt to avoid confrontation may find you involved in one power struggle after another when it comes to personal relationships. All of this creates a lot of energy that you carry around with you. Working it out takes patience and great care. You tend toward explosions and may have strong disagreements with authority figures.

Sun Square Pluto       (orb: 04 08')

You sometimes have trouble distinguishing between your dreams of life and the actual reality. Or you lack the discipline to make those dreams real, to work to make reality be as you always dreamed it could be. This could lead to unreasonable expectations of other people, especially your lover. A tendency to daydream finds you with a number of false starts. You are easily distracted and have difficulty carrying things through to the finish. You may worry about being deceived by others.

Mars Semisquare Neptune       (orb: 04 46')

Report for John Doe
Your Relationship with Jane Doe

You can benefit a lot from the support of this person. If you stop and think about it, you couldn't imagine a much more perfect response from the cosmos to yourself than you find in Jane. For one, she is almost totally supportive of you, warts and all. And there is every reason to believe that she could aid you financially, as well as romantically. Good things could happen with and through her. Here is a real opportunity for you to take hold and develop your resources. This is fertile soil for many things.

Her Moon  in Your Second  House

Meeting Jane has got to be good for you, at least for your health and personal habits. She is sure to give you a hand at implementing all those many projects that you have never gotten around to doing, like eating better, cutting down on this, and so forth. She is really able to get you to work on taking care of these kinds of details. And she cares for you in about every way you could imagine. Where else could you get this kind of service? In many ways she is your own conscience come alive. Working hand and hand with her should take a great burden off your mind.

Her Sun  in Your Sixth  House

The two of you have a great rapport. There is mental kinship. In fact a talk session with Jane almost amounts to therapy for you both. There is a real sense of mutual reflection. It would be hard for you to find a more productive intellectual companion. It is possible that you may work together in some public way through speaking, writing, investigating. A real meeting of the minds.

Her Mercury  in Your Seventh  House

She appreciates your sense of duty and concern for others. Time spent together tends to enhance these qualities in you. You may not have known how much you care about life and other people before you met. You find yourself taking better care of yourself, by attending to the details and odds & ends of your life. She values you for your more conservative qualities and tends to see you as painstaking and particular when it comes to attending to details.

Her Venus  in Your Sixth  House

When all is well, the two of you manage to get a lot done, attending to all of the responsibilities that need caring for. She drives you to a greater response than you could provide on your own when it comes to taking care of business. However, if you are the least bit upset or overloaded, you may experience Jane as too much of a good thing. She may irritate you. Or you may get critical and petty with one another. The whole thing can be hard on your nerves.

Her Mars  in Your Sixth  House

She will have a very strong psychological effect on you, particularly in regard to the way you live your personal life. High ideals and humanitarian sentiments are fine, but Jane has the ability to lead you to putting these thoughts to work on a day-to-day level. Through her you may learn how to really forgive one another, how to let barbs and harsh words roll off your back. She can put you in touch with goals more important than money or recognition -- internal happiness and self-respect.

Her Jupiter  in Your Twelfth  House

It may be hard to get personal with Jane, and this may be a toughy if you're thinking about romance. You may feel tied down and unable to work efficiently or profitably. You may lose sight of what is essential in any personal or business venture. You could accumulate debt. Not a traditional sign for a good business relationship.

Her Saturn  in Your Eighth  House

Jane is very direct. She seems to cut to the very heart of a situation, which sometimes leaves you feeling exposed and vulnerable. Yet time spent with her can be terribly exciting. You find yourself wanting to get rid of a lot of excess social baggage when you two are together. You may tend to spend a lot of time alone due to the very sensitive and open relationship you share. She may be able to lead you into making some very shrewd and innovative business deals.

Her Uranus  in Your Eighth  House

Here is someone with whom you share a broad and far-reaching vision. Together the two of you are transported by late- night discussions and common dreams. She brings out the eloquent in you, and when you are with her you sense that you are part prophet and visionary. Your religious and philosophical ideas are in fine tune. There is a very heady kind of romance here.

Her Neptune  in Your Ninth  House

Jane's influence could revolutionize the way you relate to other people -- your social life. You have found yourself re-examining ideas of marriage, social values, and relationships. She seems to exercise a strange power over you, and this was true from the very first time you met her. You may find yourself wanting to hide this relationship because you feel exposed. She is almost too personal at times. Knowing her amounts to a crash course in facing yourself.

Her Pluto  in Your Seventh  House

Report for John Doe
Strengths in your relationship with Jane Doe

You understand her emotions and like the way Jane feels about life. She can really move you to take action and accomplish things. There could be a shared love of sports, even a competitive feeling. This could be a long and romantic relationship.

 Your Sun Trine  Her Mars       (orb: 00 43')

You are wholeheartedly supportive of Jane's values and ideals. You are her best fan. She is always appreciative of your feelings and moods, with the result that you feel very much valued. This is a very nice arrangement.

 Your Moon Trine  Her Venus       (orb: 01 28')

This is a very romantic relationship. Jane senses your appreciation for her energy and basic sex appeal. She really moves you to new heights in the love department. There is a sense of healthy fun and good energy.

 Your Venus Trine  Her Mars       (orb: 01 38')

She is a real driving wheel for you when it comes to your writing and speaking skills. She can push you to be more articulate, even eloquent, than would otherwise be the case. Conversations with Jane are always wordy and animated, at least from your end. You may find it easy to put her feelings into words.

 Your Mercury Trine  Her Mars       (orb: 04 60')

She looks to you for support for her need for self-analysis and emotional probing. You probably have spent many a late night helping her through a change or two. You find her intensity workable, and you don't mind that she puts you through some emotional changes of your own.

 Your Moon Trine  Her Pluto       (orb: 05 27')

She finds you very supportive and easy to talk to. Jane has a knack for understanding how you feel about something, putting your feelings into words that make sense to you. You might find yourself encouraging mental pursuits on her part -- writing, speaking, communications.

 Your Moon Trine  Her Mercury       (orb: 08 38')

There is real mutual support here. You tend to have similar emotions and are very understanding of each other's feelings. If anything there might be too much of a good thing, and you could get bogged down in the relationship. For the most part though, this is a very nice state of affairs.

 Your Moon Conjunction  Her Moon       (orb: 09 43')

Report for John Doe
Challenges in your relationship with Jane Doe

You may feel that Jane may not always appreciate you enough and that she purposely doesn't give credit where credit is due. You may act and do things that go against her set of values.

 Your Sun Square  Her Venus       (orb: 01 01')

There are a lot of hurt feelings in this relationship. Argument and power struggles are to be expected. You tend to ignore, or not be sufficiently supportive of, Jane's feelings. She can't help but get in digs at you on a regular basis.

 Your Moon Square  Her Mars       (orb: 01 11')

You may find her influence limiting and even oppressive at times. She may tend to cling to you, and there is this sense of never being able to really get going. There may be authority problems. She may view you as harsh or restrictive.

 Your Sun Semisquare  Her Saturn       (orb: 01 20')

You won't support what you feel are unrealistic notions and fantasies on her part. Her escapism does nothing for you. You feel she should learn to be more down to earth and practical. There can be much disappointment, and possibly deception, with this combination.

 Your Moon Opposition  Her Neptune       (orb: 01 48')

This may never do. Neither of you are able or willing to give the other much credit. There is a lack of appreciation, and very little sense of shared values. You may not like the same things.

 Your Venus Square  Her Venus       (orb: 01 55')

A basic lack of communication, particularly regarding Jane's career decisions. She tends to go against your way of thinking, or you refuse to talk about this subject with her. It may be difficult to communicate.

 Your Mercury Square  Her Jupiter       (orb: 01 56')

She may have a tendency to throw cold water on your enthusiasms and hurt your feelings. You may not take her problems seriously enough to suit her, and she may tend to restrict your natural sense of love and appreciation. There is cold-war tension to this relationship.

 Your Venus Semisquare  Her Saturn       (orb: 02 15')

You may feel that Jane is a hopeless dreamer, and you may refuse to get behind what you term escapism on her part. Your own ambitions run counter to her own sense of mystery and idealism. She may disappoint or deceive you.

 Your Mars Semisquare  Her Neptune       (orb: 03 45')

You may not appreciate her sense of independence, always having to do something different and unusual. You don't like surprises. It may go against your own set of values and thus be a cause for dissension.

 Your Venus Semisquare  Her Uranus       (orb: 04 22')

She is critical of your ideas, and you may feel somewhat tongue-tied when you are around her. She may feel that you refuse to consider her problems or that you dismiss them with a few words.

 Your Mercury Semisquare  Her Saturn       (orb: 04 23')

She doesn't appreciate the way your mind works. Your words are wasted on her. You may find yourself being mentally critical of her ideals and sense of values. She doesn't like the way you think.

 Your Mercury Square  Her Venus       (orb: 04 43')

You can't appreciate her continual need for self-analysis and confrontation. She never seems happy unless she has reduced every meeting to its lowest common denominator. She may go against all that you hold dear, and drag you through scene after scene. A problem.

 Your Venus Square  Her Pluto       (orb: 05 00')

You never know what to expect with Jane. Her need for variety and the unusual may conflict with your own more conservative trends. She may tend to be a rebel, with you always playing the authority figure. Sometimes hectic; seldom boring.

 Your Sun Semisquare  Her Uranus       (orb: 05 17')

She may feel that you pooh-pooh her fears and worries. Her own need for sensitive self-examination and transformation may not appeal to you, with the result that you may sidestep her little confrontations. There could be a bit of a power struggle, complete with explosions.

 Your Sun Square  Her Pluto       (orb: 05 54')

She may prefer to have her own career and take a course that runs counter to your own. Her advice may not always be in your best interests. There may be arguments, with you being painted as the authority figure. She may feel that you hold her back from finding her own way.

 Your Sun Square  Her Jupiter       (orb: 07 40')

There may be some problems in communication. You may find it difficult to talk with Jane, or attempts at communication end up in a standstill. Her attitude and manner may leave you feeling frustrated, unable to communicate.

 Your Mercury Square  Her Sun       (orb: 08 43')

She may not always think highly of you and is not afraid to let you know when this is the case. You may sometimes tend to discount what she says and squelch communication. You don't always like what she thinks.

 Your Sun Square  Her Mercury       (orb: 09 06')

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